How to Stay Calm During the Coronavirus

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I’ve spent a lot of time outside today. Sitting on the front steps, looking out at the daffodils blooming and the cardinals dancing from tree to tree. And I can’t help but wonder what they do when disaster hits. If a storm comes that blows away their nest, leaves them without food, or even kills one of their chicks. What do they do?

Do they panic and fly around frantic for help?
Do they break down and just sit on their branch defeated?
Do they get angry at the weather for the pouring rain and violent winds?

I take a deep breath and slowly exhale, sighing because they don’t do any of those things.

Instead, they follow the flow of nature.

They see what they have, they decide what they need, and then go to find it, always believing that what they need is out there. If they need food, they go and search. If they need a new home, they go and build. Whatever these birds need, they simply go and look for it, not just because they need it, but because they believe that what they need is out there.

And that’s where we forget to follow nature. We forget that what we need is out there. Sometimes, it is a physical flight we must take to find what we need. Sometimes, we have to go to the store, pick up what we truly need, and bring it to our neighbors and family. Sometimes, we do need to physically go to the doctor.

But, more often then not, the flight we need to take, especially right now, is an inward journey. We each need to fly back to a place of trust and support in nature. Just as the birds’ trust that nature will provide them with what they need, we need to trust ourselves that within us we have the tools to calm our minds. We can, we will, and we must go on the search inward to find peace amongst this chaos.

This storm, and the coronavirus is just that, a storm, because it too will pass, is causing layers upon layers of programming, fear, panic, and uncertainty to surface.

When we look out our bedroom window during a storm, and the trees are blowing everywhere we understand that the storm did not bring the trees with it. Rather, it rattled the trees that were already standing. The same is true of this pandemic. It has not caused fear, it has awoken the fear we already had. We were already afraid of losing our jobs, losing money, losing stability, losing family members and ultimately losing control.  It is just that now, the volume on those fears is turned up to ten.

Unlike the birds, we do not trust nature. Nor do we approve of nature when she does things that we believe hurt us. And the real truth is, we don’t trust each other, and we certainly don’t trust ourselves.

We don’t trust that our neighbors would bring us a meal if we ran out of food. We don’t trust that the store will have enough food for all of us. We don’t trust our government to provide enough support and programs to help us pay our bills and medical costs. We don’t trust that children in low income areas will be served food and given supplies while schools are close.

And why don’t we trust these systems? Because we know damn well how broken many of these systems are.

And why are these systems broken? Because, these were all systems built by people who just like us, are missing something critical for stability.


Not one of these systems was built with trust as a foundation. Heck they even market and promote themselves off of fear and lack.

But we can’t be mad at these systems, because we are a part of it. We taught them that fear works. We respond to fear. Not only that, we will literally buy into fear and purchase anything that we believe could save us. And the truth is nothing will ever get better this way because when we believe there is something to fear, our minds will continuously buy into that fear.

The root of this fear comes from our own fundamental relationship with trusting ourselves.

We don’t trust that if we lost our job, we could easily find a new and better job. We don’t trust that if we lost a lot of money because of this virus that we could find other ways to make money. We don’t trust that we would be able to survive the loss of a sick or elderly family member. We don’t trust that nature is here with our best interest in mind.

Instead, we feel like pieces of a game, pawns at the whims of some higher power with a hidden agenda. We feel like victims.

And this is how the systems we created want us to feel. Scared. Afraid. Alone. Disempowered. Helpless.

My brave friends, just as the birds can rebuild after loss and adjust to unexpected change, so can we rebuild. We can adjust. We can show up.

We do not need all the answers on how to best help or support one another but we must show up. We must remember that like the birds, we too have wings. We can hold space for those going through loss. We can expand our own capacity to both give and receive. We can be innovative to make money and balance our finances. We can show empathy and love for those being affected most. We can support our neighbors and community just as we can support and take care of ourselves.

This fear is a welcoming invitation to rise up and come together. A loud wake up call to remember that we are strong and we too, are a part of nature and we will get through this.

This is one cycle, one tiny moment in history that we feel like is the end of history. But it’s not. It is merely a storm that nature creates, as she does, and as she will continue to do.

Today, the storm is Coronavirus. Weeks ago, it was wild fires in Australia. Tomorrow, it may be a flood or earthquake.

The storm’s name will always change, but our ability to use and trust our own wings will always be here.

So friends, let’s use our wings. We can and will get through this together.

Share in the comments below what fears are coming up for you from the Coronavirus outbreak.

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