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From my Heart to Yours

These sessions are the biggest piece of my heart I have to offer this world, and I am so grateful to share them with you. If this work feels in resonance, I can’t wait to meet. Either way, I am sending you infinite amounts of loving energy on your journey.

Always loving you,

- Sarah

my heartfelt offerings

These offerings are designed with you in mind. I create each one as a personal journey curated to your individual situation and circumstances. Let's walk this path together!

Soul Exploration


Healing Courses


Soul Exploration


Not sure where to start? Meet me here in this 60 minute intensive soul exploration. Here I will hold space to gently guide you through areas of your life and explore what may and may not be in alignment. This session is created to leave you feeling clear, focused, and confident in the direction you’re moving. You’ll also be offered soul work to implement into your life to align you closer with your truth and power. This call is a deep dive of the mind, heart, and soul where I combine energy work and intuitive channeling. Available in person at my office at Half Moon Therapy in downtown Raleigh or virtually via Zoom .

First Session (Soul Exploration) – $275/hour

All Following Sessions (Soul Sessions) – $250/hour

A note on pricing: Sliding scales are available for all offerings. Simply reach out to me via email at to inquire. 

Disclaimer: With all “psychics” and people who do work in this area, remember that you are the one who knows you and your life best. You always have the power to take or leave anything you hear in any intuitive style session. While I will always strive to be as accurate and in resonance as possible with what I intuitively hear, there are times where you may decide contrary to something I say, this is always allowed and encouraged. Always trust yourself first and foremost.

Transformation Series


A container of six sessions designed to guide you back to your full capacity to be source. In these sessions I gently guide you through your past to unlock power and pieces of yourself that you gave away. I then teach you how to navigate the present with a clear mind and open heart so that you can make sacred choices that are aligned with your highest self. We cover all the areas of your life including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual to see where you’re needing spiritual support and inner guidance. Using intuitive energy work, conscious coaching, and contemporary healing techniques that blend eastern and western teachings, I will help you set yourself free to create the life you’ve been dreaming of.

what you receive

  • rejuvenated energy & enthusiasm for life
  • powerful closure from the past
  • deepened interpersonal and intrapersonal connections
  • clearer connection to channel your intuition
  • a look at your own healing gifts
  • healed family dynamics for past, present, and future
  • clarity & direction for life mission

Healing Courses


Learn all about the origin of Reiki, benefits, and how to channel the healing energy. Reiki attunements are often a huge catalyst for intuitive gifts to come forward. It was after my first reiki class that I was able to see people’s energy fully and began to clearly hear those who had passed away. This is an amazing way to learn how to heal yourself and others energetically. Levels I to IV of Usui Tibetan Reiki are offered privately and in group settings.

benefits of Reiki

  • dissolves energy blocks and promotes natural balance between mind, body, and soul
  • accelerates spiritual growth and intuitive channeling
  • catalyst for intuitive and healing gifts to open and develop
  • clears the mind and improves focus to feel grounded and centered
  • increases the body’s self-healing ability
  • relieves pain and support healing for physical illness

Animal Readings


Animals have energy bodies just as humans do. This means we can tune in to see how they’re doing and what they need to have the best life possible. From end of life care to food preferences, animals are able to share with us what they need. Animal sessions can be done on any species big or small.

First Session – $150/45 minutes

A note on pricing: Sliding scales are available for all offerings. Simply reach out to me via email at to inquire. 

insight into

  • injury & illness
  • behavior
  • diet & nutrition
  • mood & temperament
  • daily preferences
  • movement & training
  • end of life care

In Need of a Therapist?

Looking for a therapist can be a daunting and overwhelming task. If you don’t have a background in the mental health field all the acronyms most likely mean zero to you.

While I’m not a therapist, it’s not uncommon for my clients to work simultaneously with one while receiving support from me. There are also times when I feel that I’m not the best fit or something is not within my scope of practice and I refer clients out to a licensed therapist.

If you’re looking for one but don’t know where to begin, I offer a custom resource list of therapist based on your location, budget, and desired area of focus. This means I’ll do all the work researching and compiling a list of the best of the best. I ensure that all the therapists on the list have actual training in trauma and would be a good fit for your individual needs.

If you go through the list I create for you and none of the therapist work out, I go back to the drawing board and find more options for you at no additional charge.

Personalized Therapist Resource List- $20

kind words from a client

“Working with Sarah is a transformative experience. I have worked with Sarah entirely by remote sessions and I find the sessions to be incredibly powerful. I give Sarah my highest recommendation.

Sarah has a great ability to scan the body to uncover known and unknown (unconscious) issues. Each session is a two-way dialogue where you can ask questions, and Sarah will check-in to evaluate and focus on areas for attention as the energy starts to shift. As a medium, she is an open channel for information. Sarah is a clear energy channel and powerfully moves energy that is ready to move and diplomatically and tactfully points out areas for self-improvement. Sarah has the ability to help mind, body, and spirit align for your highest good.

I recommend you come to your session ready and with questions. During my self-preparation, I often feel energy begin to shift several hours before a session. If you have a known area of resistance, ask for help.

The sessions with Sarah are warm, nurturing, loving and I feel very safe and protected. To get the most from a session, I enter a meditative state and allow her to work. Come to your sessions with an open heart and an open mind. I came for Reiki and after each session, I had a transformative experience—every single time.”

– Lisa


let me guide you along this journey!

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